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The class of 2014 have had a longer following then any other class in Waterloo Road history. 


Main Characters 

Barry barry Supporting Characters 

  • Bianka Vale
  • Freddie Jackson 
  • Andi O'Donnell 

Memorable MomentsEdit

Series 4

  • Denzil is framed by his older brother Earl for gun possession and committed to a young offender's unit
  • Denzil forms the school choir with his older sister Sambuca and other pupils. 

Series 5

  • Emily finds it hard to cope with her fathers death and sister Lindsay's incarceration  

Series 6 

  • Denzil becomes involved in a series of dangerous stunts angering Emily in an attempt to vie for attention 

Series 7 

  • Denzil struggles with his older sister Sambuca's diagnosis of terminal cancer and later death 
  • Rhona and Shona are involved in a lengthy custody battle between their nan and their mum 
  • Scout becomes a drug courier to support her family 
  • Scout attempts to run away 
  • Phoenix attempts to cover up his nan's death to avoid going into care 
  • Emily runs away when her sister Lindsay newly realeased from jail doesn't want to see her 
  • Emily accidently overdoses on stolen perscription medication 
  • Scout moves in with Emily 
  • Scout and Phoenix have a relationship
  • Scout and Emily get matching tattoos 
  • Scout is placed in foster care 
  • Scout is tricked by her mum into marrying a polish immigrant leading to her mum being jailed 
  • Emily has a relationship with older pupil Tariq 
  • Emily, Rhona and Shona all move schools when Waterloo Road in Rochdale closes down 
  • Denzil is tragically killed when a drunk lorry driver hits him 

Series 8 

  • Scout and Phoenix move to Scotland to be part of the new Waterloo Road 
  • Jade who is on the run decides to make a fresh start at Waterloo Road 
  • Jade reveals she is pregnant 
  • Connor begins lighting fires as a wat to deal with his mother's alcoholism 
  • Connor and Imogen have a relationship 
  • Imogen reveals she is deaf 
  • Scout is bullied by Rhiannon 
  • Scout and Rhiannon become friends when Scout discovers Rhiannon self-harming 
  • Kevin is fostered by maths teacher Danil Chalk 
  • Imogen is scared for life after being caught in one of Connor's fires 
  • Scout is bullied by teacher Ms Boston 
  • Phoenix win the lottery and drops out of school to move back to Rochadale to work with his father 
  • Dynasty is almost pushed into a breast augmentation and a career in pole dancing by her mum Carol 
  • Rhiannon has sex with older pupil Barry 
  • Rhiannon, Jade and Scout are held at gun point. 
  • Jade gives birth to a baby girl and has her adopted 
  • Connor and Imogen get engaed 
  • Scout's mum is released from prison causing her much anguish 
  • Connor and Imogen get married
  • Kevin moves into the school house when his foster dad has to move away for work 
  • Scout leaves school to do teacher training at universty
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